International Symposium on Art-Science-Architecture (ISASA) 2019


ISASA 2019 focuses on technical aspects related to the "Art, Science and Architecture" theme of the conference. It is a highly transdisciplinary conference and welcome contributions from the arts and humanities, from the social sciences and computer science, for combining artistic thinking and computational evolution in a creative method to innovate architectural ideology, for stimulating new imagination by creative and wise computing and thinking to provide a novel and creative domain of architecture, and for, through the combination of art science and architecture, providing new applications and promoting multidisciplinary innovation.

Track 1: Art and Architecture

Topics: Culture, Technology and History: Multi-Dimension Society Oriented Design

Track 2: Science and Architecture

Topics: Computational Architecture, Artificial Intelligence and Future Cities

Track 3: Management of Architecture

Topics: Morden Construction Technology Management

Program Chair

Chao Xu's avatar
Chao Xu China

Jilin Jianzhu University, China