International Symposium on Emerging Fashion (ISEF) 2019


Track 1: Fashion

Topics: Future Jobs in Fashion, Virtual Reality Commerce, Merging Technology and Fashion, Smart Materials and Smart Innovations, Future Sourcing in Fashion, IT Solutions and Mobile Apps for Fashion Brands, Creativity Models for the Fashion Industry.

Track 2: Fashion Design and Apparel Textiles

Topics: Fashion and Colour Trends, Innovation Clothing Science and Technology, Garment Industry and Merchandising, Sustainability and Environment, Fashion and Textile Product Design, Eco textiles-sustainability development, IT application in Fashion and Textiles.

Track 3: Fashion Style and Popular Culture

Topics: Historical, manufacturing, aesthetics, marketing, branding, merchandising, retailing, psychological/sociological aspects of dress, body image, and cultural identities, in particular, in fashion and learning from nature, Fashion, art and the environment, fashion, science and sustainability, fashion migration and conflict, and visual function.

Program Chairs

Fengbao Ma's avatar
Fengbao Ma China

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China

Wei Chang's avatar
Wei Chang China

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China