International Symposium on Business Wisdom (ISBW) 2019


Track 1: E/M-Business

Topics: Modelling and Frameworks, Methods and Algorithms, Platforms and Architectures, Demonstrators and Applications, Technologies and Tools, Business-IT Alignment, Business Process Management, B2C/B2B Considerations, Enterprise Architecture, Business Models, Cultural and Creative Industry, Context-Awareness, Information Quality, Ubiquity, Trust/Security/Protection, Web Services, Social Networks, Collaborative Systems, Integration/Interoperability, Green Computing for E/M-Commerce, Internet of Things and Sensing Enterprise, Business Intelligence, Innovation/Migration/Change Management.

Track 2: Business Process Model and Notation

Topics: Advertising Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Theory and Applications, Operation Management, Organisational Behaviour and Theory, Other Areas of Business, Case studies related to Business.

Program Chair

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Mingyang Li China

Liaoning University, China